My Fuji F600EXR Arrives!

I collected the Fujifilm Finepix F600EXR that I had ordered via Amazon from the post office this evening.

There’s a bit of a back-story:  I had won a Amazon gift certificate at a trade conference and decided to use it to buy a small camera.  I talk in terms of a ‘shirt pocket’ camera, but in fact the F600EXR is a bit bulkier, a bit thicker than some that could be termed that. The lens mount is not flush with the body, as you can see in the illustration.  I did however have a few key requirements when I was searching for a small camera.  Key among them was that the camera could handle RAW format.  I’ll discuss the why and wherefore of that in another posting.  It does. however, reduce the set of candidates quite considerably.

The F600EXR is not available in Canada, but then the gift certificate was for Amazon.COM not Amazon.CA so that didn’t matter.  The one drawback was the hefty shipping fee.  To address that, I sent the certificate to a friend in the USA who buys enough from Amazon so that he has a ‘free shipping’ discount 🙂

So, I was left with having to pay the duty when I picked it up earlier this evening.  The duty and taxes amounted to C$20.30 and there was an additional $$9.95 “handling fee”.  Bummer that!  All the same, its a fine camera for $30.

Amazon reviews are here.

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